The Benefits of Wheel Alignment

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The Benefits of Wheel Alignment

How Wheel Alignment Helps Your Vehicle

The relationship between your auto’s wheels and their correlation to the vehicle body is the wheel alignment. Specifically, this is represented by the major suspension angles of camber, caster, thrust, and toe. Camber describes the amount of right or left tilt of the wheels. Caster, which directly affects steering, refers to the slope of an imaginary line that might be constructed through the upper and lower ball joints of the car. The correspondence between the rear axle and front wheels is termed thrust, and toe is the difference between the front and back of your auto’s front tires. These angles were in perfect alignment when your vehicle rolled off the assembly line, so what could go wrong? Everyday bumps in the road over time can play with your car’s alignment. Also, a bad sudden jolt (such as hitting a deep pothole, jumping a curb, or failing to see and slow down for a speed bump) can ruin wheel alignment. When this has occurred, the nature of the needed alignment depends on your particular auto. You’ll need to have all the wheels aligned if you drive a front-wheel drive with adjustable rear suspension or an all-wheel drive. Most other vehicles will require only a front wheel alignment. However, it’s possible that you could still need a thrust-angle alignment to make the rear wheels properly align with the automobile’s center. An alignment will restore the square of the wheels and axles by properly orienting the moving parts. To obtain a proper wheel alignment for your vehicle, rely on Lifestyle Garage in Lakeside, California.

Benefits Abound

You’ll certainly notice a difference once your wheels are again properly aligned. One benefit is that you can steer and handle the car properly. The steering wheel will be centered, and you will not have to exert a great deal of effort to keep your auto going straight. Also, your car’s joints will last longer. That’s because undue stress is placed on those parts when a vehicle is out of alignment. Finally, your tires will hold up better, too. Misalignment causes tires to wear more in some spots than others, necessitating replacement sooner.

Reliable Wheel Alignment Nearby

If your car has been involved in a crash or you have another reason to believe it could have an alignment problem, bring it to Lifestyle Garage for a wheel alignment. Regardless of the make or model you drive, whether you drive only on city streets or frequently off-road, we can service your vehicle. Come see how we’ve been making a difference for our customers for about three decades.

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