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Suspension Repair at Lifestyle Garage

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Once in a while, during our years of driving, we can all admit our vehicle has probably felt something close to a bouncy house when we do even the slightest things on the road. Wondering what it could be is usually a very troubling thought over the other piles of stress life leaves at our door. At Lifestyle Garage in Lakeside, California, we aim to take some of that stress and convert it into convenient assistance for you and your Jeep. Understanding the suspension components and how everything operates within it can be very tricky to understand, but no worries! We are always happy to answer any comments, questions, and concerns that arise with your vehicle when it starts to behave abnormally. To better understand your suspension, let’s look into two common parts that are openly discussed.

Struts and Shocks

Two of the most important parts to note with your suspension are the struts and the shocks. If the road were a runway, of course, you want your vehicle to look stylish while on the prowl, so let us keep its dressings intact behind the scenes. Struts are very important for maintaining a balanced weight when your vehicle is adaptable while on the road. Your shocks absorb friction so that it is not visibly bouncy if your vehicle bumps into anything. If you have noticed hearing squeaking noises, your vehicle feeling tilted more on one side than the other, resistance in steering, uneven tire tread, or feeling lack in inertia when going over bumps, these could all be signs it is time to bring your vehicle in for a look. These parts wear over time depending on the amount of wear and tear on the car’s daily use and need to be checked regularly to prevent any further complications with your driving experience. An added tip would be to have your bushings and bearings monitored during tire alignments and maintain safe turns to not add more stress to your suspension. The last thing any driver wants to hear is that the components for their suspension have worn down beyond replacement, so we encourage our guests to monitor these key parts as often as possible.

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