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Jeep Repair at Lifestyle Garage

Common Jeep Problems

Increase Longevity

Every Jeep owner can honestly admit that making it their goal to be a Jeep owner was a dream but not everyone knows the costs of care required to maintain their beloved vehicle. At Lifestyle Garage, we understand. With over 26 years of experience, we offer many options to keep your Jeep in good shape on the road, no matter your preference for its use. Heater core, EVAP system codes, O2 Sensors, Water Leaks, and Valve Cover Gaskets are some common issues Jeep owners will face. We even accommodate wireless control failures, wobbly steering, exhaust leaks, and window motor failure, regardless of which model. Come visit Lifestyle Garage in Lakeside, California, so that we can keep your stylish SUV safe and performable on the road.

Check Under the Hood

We do not expect our guests to be motor vehicle experts by any means; however, we still like to share a little knowledge for regular upkeep with your Jeep. Let’s start with the heater core. A common problem drivers may notice is an issue with their heat. It may be barely felt within the car during the cooler seasons or not operating at all. We highly recommend a coolant flush regularly to prevent the hose from clogging up and straining the components. Another issue you may experience is your EVAP system codes. This may present as a Check Engine light appearing on your dashboard, followed by an EVAP right next to it. A common fix we recommend is to check the cap for your gas chamber to see if it is loose or maybe dry-rotted, which could prevent the cap from sealing properly. Always double-check tightening the cap properly before taking your Jeep on a drive to prevent this and other possible hazards on the road. If, for any reason, the cap cannot be seated back onto the ratchet, it could be time for a replacement. One last issue to check is if your Check Engine light comes on with an O2 sensor next to it, and if that is the case, it could very well be time for a new one. Jeeps have four O2 sensors, and if they are not checked regularly, they could cause the engine some difficulties in operation. Further neglect of these components could also put your catalytic converter at risk, so always maintain regular checkups to keep your Jeep healthy.

Leave It to Us

Let our skills do the talking from here. We offer affordable financing options to best fit your budget. Our guests’ mission is to arrive with confidence that the job will be done accurately and efficiently. Please visit our website, call, or stop by Lifestyle Garage in Lakeside, California, to book an appointment. We also attend local events with fun, community entertainment. Our doors are always open to you and your Jeep needs.

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